93% - Twin Tower PSA Oxygen Generator

More oxygen, more savings

ORLANE oxygen generators guarantee at the most competitive cost a medical oxygen production on-site at 93% +/- 3% purity level that is in full accordance with the European and US Pharmacopeia. They particularly meet the needs of healthcare facilities looking for autonomy while facing strong budgetary constraints.

Key features 

  • Oxygen quality compliant with the pharmacopeia
  • Fully automatic operation
  • On-site oxygen production at a competitive cost



Compact and economial architecture

Supplied on a turnkey basis, the ORLANE skid is very compact and allows an easy installation on site. The whole device is preassembled on the skid allowing a quick installation, start-up and commissioning - generally between 48 and 72 hours.


CPU automatic control panel

ORLANE oxygen generators are automatically managed by their CPU control panel: based on a PLC system, it includes a logic controller, a digital screen and an ergonomic control panel. Key information such as oxygen concentration, hour meter and alarm reports are displayed on the CPU screen. 



Main technical datas

Maximum peak flow Nm3/h 3 to 106*
Outlet pressure barg/psi 4,5 to 6 / 58 to 87
Oxygen concentration 93%
Required compressed air quality   Class 1.4.1
Power supply  120/230V 1ph - 50Hz / 60Hz - 2 A
  * Higher flow available upon request