Gas flow and consumption measure - MEDGAS FLOW

Gas flow and consumption measure - MEDGAS FLOW

Gas flow and consumption measure with Medgas Flow



Medgas Flow is available in 2 versions: primary and secondary network.


Measure of total oxygen or air consumption of a facility : primary network version

Placed at the start of the primary network, just after the oxygen supply source (generator, central high pressure bottles, liquid oxygen cylinder -VIE), Medgas Flow measures the flow rate and total oxygen consumption of the healthcare facility.

For healthcare facilities that are still using oxygen or medical air delivered in bottles or bulk by gas companies, it is a precious tool to control the volume of oxygen or air invoiced, and thus optimize their medical gas expenses.


Measure of oxygen or air consumption per hospital service : secondary network version

Placed in each hospital department, from each secondary network distribution of oxygen after the second expansion regulators (two-stage networks, french type) or block valves (single stage system, English type), the Medgas Flow allows measure the oxygen / oxygen flow or consumption of each service.

It allows health facilities to keep analytical accounting oxygen or air budget, spreading costs per hospital service and check for leaks.

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