Second stage regulators

Medical gas pressure reduction to healthcare facilities' services required pressure.

Suitable for 1-5 gas, NOVAIR Medical second stage pressure regulator adjusts the gas pressure in the primary network - coming from the technical part of the facility - to the secondary network, in health care services.

The pressure decreases from 10 bar to 4/7/8 bars.

The second stage pressure regulator is available in single or double configuration.

In the case of a simple configuration, a back up pressure regulator can be connected.

The dual configuration includes two pressure regulators: a primary one and one dedicated to backup.


Safety features

The second stage regulator ensures :

  • the disconnection of the gas supply in a service for any need for intervention in the network
  • the initiation of an alarm in case of pressure default
  • the emergency power supply of the network through a dedicated outlet
  • the pressure visual control
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