Area valves service units

NOVAIR Medical area valve service units

The area sevice valves (or secondary valves) ensures:

  • the vacuum and pressure defaults warning
  • the isolation of medical gas circuit connected to the hospital's piping system in case of intervention / service
  • emergency services connection to a backup source in case of failure of the main supply source


Key features

  • Compliant with EN ISO 7396-1 or HTM 02-01
  • Modular device including up to 10 valves as standard, specific configurations available upon request
  • Compatible with all medical gases including medical air, surgical air, O2, N2O and vacuum
  • Pipe Diameters : 10 to 54 mm
  • Robust metallic cabinet for surface or flush mounting
  • Glass and lockable door
  • Gas entrance / exit by the top or the side


It features a single or double configuration. In the case of a simple configuration, a relief valve can be connected if necessary. The dual configuration has automatically two valves: a main valve and a pressure relief.

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