Emergency cabinets

A complete source of medical gases in a compact cabinet

AFMS is a backup device for critical care services in which the continuity of gas supply is vital (resuscitation, intensive care, operating theaters...). The gases rescued are medical oxygen, air and medical vacuum. The medicinal nitrous oxide can be also integrated into the device as an option. 


Key features :

  • Fixed cabinet accessible from the front opening two hinged doors (also available in mobile version)
  • "Pressure" oxygen / air device composed of two cylinders equipped with a pressure reducer with a respective capacity of 20 and 50 liters (cylinders not included)
  • "Medical vacuum" device composed of an electropump of 25 or 40Nm3/h with dry pallets with bacterial filtration and purge pot
  • LCD display allowing the visualization of logic status, measurements and alarms
  • Direct and indirect lighting incorporated (optional)




Benefits :

  • A complete source of medical gases in a compact cabinet, reliable and easy to use
  • Easy maintenance and access to elements without any risks
  • Compliant with the most avalable standards requirements
  • Cylinders easy to change (connexion with high pressure flexible


Mobile AFMS

NOVAIR offers also mobile emergency cabinets with air, oxygen and vacuum frontal outlets (one of each), and a medical vacuum source, for an easy and quick access to medical gases in case of emergency.



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