Gas purity analysis & monitoring - PHARMAGAS

Gas purity analysis & monitoring - PHARMAGAS

CO/CO2, Dew point, Oxygen, NO/NO2, SO2

NOVAIR medical gases quality monitor is designed to measure continuously the quality of medical air and/or oxygen injected in the hospital medical gas piping network.

For patients safety, it provides a complete traceability of the medical gases quality, and guarantees their compliance with all current regulations (European Pharmacopeia or other local regulations).

It can be connected nearby the medical gases distribution or production system, or anywhere in the hospital where a medical gas outlet is available.

NOVAIR medical gases analyse system is designed on a modular base and can be adapted to your specific needs, depending on the analyzers you need.




Main module components

  • Carbon monoxide analyzer (CO)
  • Carbon dioxide analyzer (CO2)
  • Pressure and flow regulators, pneumatic connexions
  • High resolution colors touch screen panel, which displays the measured values, makes the instant comparison of thresholds in accordance with current regulations, and assures the continuous values recording on memory card (files generated on Excel™ format), with graphical representation of historical curves. The alarms history is recorded as well.


Additional analyzers

All additional analyzers are integrated to the main module, and the touchscreen displays the value measured for each analyzer.

  • Hygrometer (dew point measure in °C or water content in PPM)
  • Oxygen analyzer (O2)
  • Nitrogen oxide (NOx)
  • Sulfur dioxide analyzer (SO2)



TCP/IP Module for an offset checking via Internet or a local computer network
GSM Modem for the alarm default reporting on mobile phone, via text messages (SMS)


 European Pharmacopeia

Components Symbol Oxygen 93% Oxygen 99,5% Medical Air%
Nitrogen oxides NOx 2 ppm - 2 ppm
Sulfur dioxide SO2 1 ppm - 1 ppm
Carbon monoxide CO 5 ppm 5 ppm 5 ppm
Carbon dioxide CO2 300 ppm 300 ppm 500 ppm
Oxygen O2 90 - 96% > 99.5% 20.4 - 21.4%
Water H2O < 67 ppm < 67 ppm < 67 ppm
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