Medical oxygen generator


NOVAIR, is a medical gas specialist since 1977 and a world leader in the design and manufacture of PSA medical oxygen generators. Through its complete range OXYPLUS at the forefront of innovation, the Group designs and manufactures in France on site oxygen production solutions exclusively dedicated to supplying the medical gas network of hospitals and clinics, and adapted to healthcare facilities of all sizes.

OXYPLUS oxygen generators offer exclusive guarantees of oxygen purity. In addition, only NOVAIR offers in its range a generator able to produce 99.5% pure oxygen.


Our range of medical oxygen generators



All OXYPLUS Oxygen Generators are CE Marked Class IIb medical devices in full compliance with the European Directive MDD 93/42 / EEC.

The quality of the oxygen produced is in accordance with the Oxygen 93 monograph of the European and American pharmacopoeia.