99,5% - Ultra High Purity DS-PSA Oxygen Generator

The high-tech medical oxygen generator

Oxyplus Technologies introduces Premium Plus, ultimate development in the world of PSA oxygen generators.

PREMIUM PLUS is the ultimate development in the world of medical oxygen generators. Equipped with innovative technology, it combines cutting-edge performance and design to deliver the high concentration medical oxygen of your choice, with an exceptional stability.


Key features

  • DS-PSA Technology : 96-99.5% oxygen purity
  • Oxygen Concentration Stabilizer OCS
  • Control panel with15" colour touch-screen
  • Lateral panel for oxygen analyzer calibration


Advanced control panel Visio HD




  • Up to 99.5% oxygen purity
  • Ultra stable concentration : +/- 0.2%
  • Adjustable purity on-site by end-user
  • User friendly & easy to maintain



Main technical datas 

Premium Plus    
Maximal peak flow at 99,5% Nm3/h 2,7 to 42*
Outlet pressure barg/psi  6 or 10 / 87 or 145
Oxygen concentration  Up to 99.5%
Compressed air quality required  Class 1.4.1
Power supply  120/230V 1ph - 50Hz/60Hz - 2A
 *Higher flow available upon request.