Copper pipes

NOVAIR copper pipes : conveying medical gases

NOVAIR Medical includes in its catalog all copper piping necessary for the conveyance of medical gases in healthcare facilities.

High quality and fully compliant with EN 13348 "medical gas copper tube" and the standard NF EN 737 relative to "installations calculation of the medical gas distribution", our copper tubes have the following characteristics:

  • no welding
  • smooth inner wall, clean and dry
  • ends sealed until installation to avoid any risk of contamination by external impurities during storage or transport
  • gastight
  • restricted residual impurities content


Each tube is engraved with the manufacturing date and dimensions as required by the European Directive PED 97/23/EC on pressure equipment (Pressure Equipment Directive).

Novair Medical also supplies copper connections and valves and conducts silver solders needed by any copper tubing installation for medical gas/vacuum delivery

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