Ceiling pendants

Operating theater equipment for an easy access to medical gas and energy

Crucial equipment of the operating room and intensive care units, the ceiling pendant should allow easier access to medical gases as well as electrical energy (high and low current) during surgery or anesthesia.



NOVAIR Ceiling Pendants Units (CPU) are designed to provide an easy access to medical gas outlets, electrical outlets, data and other connections... required in operating theatres and intensive care units.

Various configurations and architectural solutions are available for all needs and styles.


Manual single stage

Manual dual stage

Electrical single stage

Electrical dual stage



Rigid Column






NOVAIR Medical has selected a range of ceiling pendants with multiple configurations to meet different space constraints of health facilities and their technical needs:

  • ceiling pendant column holder
  • ceiling pendant mobile column holder
  • ceiling pendant anesthesia mobile column
  • ceiling pendant surgery mobile holder
  • ceiling pendant double column holder

We can also offer tailored developments for specific configurations.



 Modular faces according to your needs


Gas outlets

Electrical outlets




The range of NOVAIR Medical ceiling pendants is designed in compliance with the present standards and guidelines

Their ergonomics is designed to facilitate their installation and maintenance and allows easy use and maintenance.

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