Refrigeration air treatment system

The air treatment system is a major component of a medical air station

It provides the necessary drying and compressed air purification in order to supply breathable air : clean, dry; oil and carbon monoxyde free.

NOVAIR Medical refrigeration air treatment system : cost effective system delivering clean and dry air

NOVAIR refrigeration air treatment systems come with a frigorific dryer and a refrigerating liquid type Freon which permits to reach a +3°C dew point under pressure.

Standard equipment

  • 1 or 2 refrigeration air dryer(s), each coming with a digital dew point control panel
  • Submicronic oil separator
  • Dust filter
  • Activated carbon filter
  • CO/CO2 catalyzer filter
  • Antibacterium filter
  • Automatic epuration device on admission filter


Available as an option

  • Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide (CO/CO2) analyzers

Our refrigeration air treatment systems are available in single (S-ATS F) or double (D-ATS F) versions. On the double version, both air treatment systems are mounted on a single metallic frame for an easier installation on site.

Our technical department is available to help you identify the medical air treatment system best adapted to your needs.





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