CPU controller medical air

Automatic monitoring device developed by NOVAIR Medical 

The CPU Controller comes wth all NOVAIR medical multiple air systems. It ensures the monitoring & control (on-site and off-site) of the double and triple compressed air units.

CPU Controller components

  • A powered electromagnetic box, with a stand-by pressure controller and a pressure sensor
  • A programmable automatic device
  • A digital display unit with control lights and and control knobs


Main features

  • Operating time meter display for each compressor
  • Tank pressure display, and upon request, primary network pressure display
  • 3 permutation modes available : cyclic/ by the hour/ manual
  • Compressors status display
  • Remaining time before maintenance display for each compressor
  • Regulation parameters setting (high/low thresholds, stop-gap threshold, reserve delay)
  • Defaults management
  • Alarm reporting with dry contact










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