Novair: Oxygen generators, a future solution for hospitals


Corporate Contact - March April 2020

Novair : Oxygen generators, a future solution for hospitals

Located in Roissy, France, the Novair group
Novair group (which employs about 100 people in France and
in France and Italy) is a manufacturer of medical devices
medical devices in the field of medical gases since
1977. Among the systems offered, the company designs
and produces medical oxygen generators, intended for
for the production of oxygen on site for health institutions.
These generators are completed by
by all the equipment necessary for the delivery
and monitoring of medical gases, from the
source to the patient. Although very present in the export market
the oxygen generator is still very little used in Europe and
its use remains marginal in France.
In these difficult and penurious times for hospitals, these
devices could however bring a real asset to
to health care institutions, although there are still obstacles to overcome.
"Our solutions are slow to take hold
oxygen delivered in cylinders," emphasizes
Valérie BOKOBZA, Marketing Director of the group.
However, the regulatory framework has been in place for
for nearly 10 years. 
There is still a certain reluctance on the part of some pharmacists, who feel apprehensive about
to change the way they supply
oxygen, although on-site production brings better traceability
traceability and provides a gas that is analyzed
continuously. This requires a long pedagogy! By
In addition, calls for tenders do not always allow us to position
to position ourselves and we have to face competition from
competition from multinational companies that have very large
resources, a strong base and influence in the
influence in the market.
However, on-site production has many advantages that are
: no more heavy bottles to handle, no more
cylinders to handle, no risk of explosion due to
No more heavy cylinders to handle, no more risk of explosion due to the storage of large quantities of oxidizing gas;
no more logistical constraints, no more risks of oxygen or nitrogen
of oxygen or nitrogen stock-outs and supply chain failures.
of the supply chain. The impact is also
positive impact on the environment, by limiting truck rotations
of trucks, which are sources of polluting emissions, while
reducing operating costs. "These systems
are of real interest, particularly in African and Asian countries
countries in Africa and Asia, where the sites may be very far from
sites can be very far from gas plants and may have
difficulties to be delivered with oxygen. These difficulties
also exist in France. 
For example, we carried out an installation at the hospital
Bayeux hospital located in the city center, which had experienced
difficulties to be supplied with oxygen after heavy snowfalls
that greatly complicated access to the hospital
for gas delivery trucks. In total,
Novair has already installed some thirty generators
in France. Our objective, in the long term, is to call on
decision-makers so that the medical oxygen generator
be encouraged and that it be systematically offered to any hospital
systematically offered to any hospital looking for an oxygen supply.
in oxygen." The company currently operates
in more than 90 countries through an extensive network of local distributors
and agents. Several hundred
Novair generators are in operation around the world
in the medical and industrial fields, with innovative
innovative solutions for a wide range of sectors
(food processing, metal, petrochemicals, glass
electronics, etc.).