VLX Air Compressors, the perfect match for Oxygen Generators

VLX Air Compressors, the perfect match for Oxygen Generators

Variable Speed, Direct-Drive Air Compressor

Made in France by NOVAIR, a pioneer manufacturer in Medical Oxygen Generators, VLX is the first Air Compressor specifically designed to be coupled with an Oxygen Generator. It delivers maximum energy efficiency and constantly adapts to the Oxygen Generator air consumption profile, delivering maximum energy efficiency and saving money. NOVAIR VLX Compressor produces exactly the amount of air the Oxygen Generator needs at any time - no more, no less.

Air compressor VLX Novair

Why choose the VLX solution for your Oxygen Generator Air Supply?

Your Oxygen Generator uses an abundant and free raw resource: air. The cost of operating your generator depends mainly on the cost of the energy consumed to supply it with compressed air. With VLX Compressors, choose excellence, reduce operating & maintenance costs and enter the future of compressed air. Healthcare facilities now have a solution for optimizing the efficiency of their Air Compressors and reducing the operating costs of their medical Oxygen Generators.

Key Data

  • Lubricated screw compressor
  • Air-cooled Power range (kW): up to 75
  • Discharge pressure (bar): up to 13
  • Operating pressure (bar): 6 to 10 / 10 to 13
  • Electrical supply* : 3p-400V-50Hz ; 3p-380V-60Hz


*Other power configurations available

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