95%% - Modular PSA Oxygen Generator

The modular PSA oxygen generator

OXYSWING® is a modular PSA oxygen generator range. Unlike twin-tower standard systems, OXYSWING® generators feature multiple modules of molecular sieve. This optimized patented PSA process provides high flexibility of use and easy adjustment to the required flow.


Unlimited flexibility

Production capacity can be easily adjusted directly on site by simply adding modules without any requirement of skilled personnel




Dual Bank unit

For large capacities, OXYSWING® generators can be completed with a Dual Bank, wich consist in a second PSA oxygen generator without any PLC and power supply.



7" HMI for real time purity monitoring and automatic & unattended operation 

It allows the monitoring / remote control of the main process parameters and displays status messages such as gas purity and flow rate, totalized gas flow, total functioning hours and maintenance alerts.


 Main technical datas

Flow Nm3/h 2,5 to 45*
Outlet pressure barg/psi 6 / 87
Oxygen concentration 95%
Compressed air quality required   Class 1.4.1
Power suply   110/230V 1ph - 50Hz / 60Hz - 2 A
*For higher flow, contact us