Bacteriological filtration

NOVAIR Medical Bacteriological filtration : a major component of your vacuum station

Bacteriological filtration ensures the filtration of the aspiration coming from the healthcare facility network, in order to strain the bacteria and residual condensates according to standard EN ISO 7396-1.

The bacteriological filtration lines coming with NOVAIR medical vacuum stations are designed to require a reduced floor space and an easy installation. They can be delivered integrated to the vacuum station frame, or in a "on wall mounting" version.



Standard equipment of NOVAIR Medical bacteriological filtration

  • 1 (simple line) or 2 (double line) visible level purging pot(s), purging valves and decompression valves, for condensates evacuation.
  • 1 (simple line) or 2 (double line) bacteriological filter(s), with visible level pot(s), purging valves and decompression valves.
  • 2 and 3-way valves system for by-pass and/or start of the filtration line.
  • Pipes compliant with current standards