Anaesthetic gas scavenging system

Scavenging anaesthetic gases from operating theater

The scavenging of anaesthetic gases is essential to the elimination of all residual anesthetic gas in the operating room, work / birthing room or recovery room. These gases can actually be harmful to the medical personnel exposed, even at low concentrations.

The quality of the scavenging equipment for anesthetic gas is therefore crucial.


Key features

  • Compliant with 93/42 , HTM 02-01 and EN ISO 7396-2 standards
  • Duplex pumps allowing continuous operation
  • Automatic system with central control panel
  • Remote alarm reporting
  • Includes vacuum breaker valve, no return valve and filtering system
  • Remote on / off switch off (optional)


Expert of medical gases for 40 years, NOVAIR Medical offers anesthetic gas scavenging systems meeting the most demanding criteria, and complying with all current standards.