93% - Compact and Mobile Oxygen Generator

Plug and play oxygen generator for small healthcare facilities

For healthcare facilities with little or no access to medical oxygen, or for a back-up supply in operation theaters and ICUs, OXYPLUS Technologies has designed ModulO2, the most user-friendly and high perofrming compact oxygen generator, designed to supply a 93% oxygen with a pressure of 3.8 bar.


Key features

  • Plug & Play oxygen generator
  • Compact, mobile and silent
  • 10 to 20l / min flow at 3.8 bar
  • Integrated PSA columns
  • Integrated oxygen analyzer
  • Fully automatic


Multilingual and user friendly touch screen interface for an easy operation and maintenance

Production data display

Maintenance management 

Historical event logging

Real time curve drawing 



Typical Installations : 

Oxygen supply for a small healthcare facility piping network


Oxygen supply for an anaesthesia machine in an Operating Theater (OR)

Oxygen supply for a ventilator in an intensive Care Unit (ICU)


Oxygen supply for patients under oxygen therapy


Oxygen supply for a high pressure cylinder filling system

ModulO2 range - Technical Specifications

  ModulO2 10  ModulO2 20
Maximum oxygen flow 10 l / min 20 l / min
Output oxygen pressure 3.8 bar (55psi) 3.8 bar (55psi)
Oxygen concentration 90-95% 90-95%
Power 230 V - 50Hz - 5A 230 V - 50 Hz 10A
Dimensions (l x L x h) 40x42x106 cm 40x84x106 cm
Weight 70 kg 105 kg
Sound level 58 dB(A) 59 dB(A)
Oxygen outlet   NF, BS, DIN or CGA - other standards upon request