An autonomous and continuous oxygen, air or vacuum production on-site for your healthcare facilities



NOVAIR production cabins and containers provide an autonomous technical room dedicated to the production of medical oxygen, air or vacuum, without any change to the inner structure of your healthcare facility.





Our production systems are fully pre-assembled, wired and tested at our plants. They are supplied ready to be connected to power grids and facility gas network.

Production cabins and containers are fully equipped to ensure an optimal operation and zero annoyance to the healthcare facility environment : sound and heat insulation, air conditioning, hot air extraction cases, heat, general switch cabinet...

Cabins and containers are easily transportable by truck and are available in "maritime" version.



Solution benefits

  • Quick installation and start on site.
  • Transportable on all kinds of roads and by seaFlexible size depending on the stations number and capacity
  • Serves as a technical room compliant with all regulatory requirements
  • "CE Medical" marked