Automatic change-over manifold

Automatic change-over manifold

Ensuring the continuous supply of medical gas piping network


 MEDGAS BANK Automatic changeover cylinders are designed for healthcare facilities wishing continuously supply oxygen, nitrous oxide, compressed air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide, their distribution of medical gases from cylinders or bundles.


The range of NOVAIR Medical cylinders meet capacity requirements from 40 to 90 m3/h, and works with groups of minimum 2x1 cylinder.

Working principle of an automatic change-over manifold

MEDGAS BANK is connected to two different power sources called primary and secondary source. It is equipped with valves that reduce the variable pressure in medical gas cylinders at high pressure. The valves are designed and tested for pressures above 400 bar. The inverter mounted on the control panel allows switching between two sources, usually composed of groups of cylinders.


Composition of MEDGAS BANK automatic change-over manifold

MEDGAS BANK automatic change-over manifold is composed of:

  • Automatic control panel, fully mechanical (no electricity needed) and mounted on a steel skid. It is composed of two high pressure valves according to EN ISO 10542-2, 1 high pressure switch chrome plated, 2 high pressure isolation valves, 2 low pressure isolation valves, 1 pneumatic inverter, 2 manometers 0/16 bar (low pressure), 2 manometers 0/315 bar (high pressure), additional safety valves to prevent dangerous pressure in the distribution network
  • Rack: including restraining chains, attached to the wall to hold the bottles
  • Cylinder ramp : wall mounted to hold the pipe, the stop vavles and the flexibl tubes (connection gear)
  • Stop vavles : isolates each flexible tube and cylinder pipes (network)
  • Complete stop vavles of the ramps : isolates each cylinder/source ramp (left or right) of the system / network
  • Relief valve: drain / purge each cylinder ramp separately
  • Flexibl tube/connection gear : connects the pipe to gas cylinders
  • Filters: protects the system against dust from gas cylinders
  • Heater (only for N2O at flow rates) preheats the gas in the stage of high pressure
  • Gas cylinders upon request (option)