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CE marked medical vacuum systems by Novair: Quality & safety

Novair Medical vacuum systems carry the "CE mark" as "Medical systems, class IIa", according to the European directve 93/42/CEE. They are compliant with all current French and European norms.  More about our quality standards    

Compact turnkey solutions

Compact central vacuum station Novair Novair Medical vacuum systems are designed for healthcare facilities needs and in particular ICU, emergency,breath treatment services aswell as operating theaters.  

Fully pre-assembled, wired and tested at our plants, they are supplied ready to be connected to power grids and facility vacuum and power networks. 

Particularly compact, they need a reduced floor space, and are flexible depending on the specificities of each project. 

Flexible configuration

Centrale de vide médical horizontale                  centrale vide verticale
Our range of medical vacuum systems includes 2 types of configuration : horizontal (mounted on tank frame) or vertical (integrated on a steel frame). We also propose custom-made skids and shelters depending on your environment constraints.

The number of available sources is defined according to the user needs. Our "medical vacum" range includes stations with one, two or three vacuum pumps.

For maximum safety, and/or to reduce power requirements, the number of sources can be extended up to eight pumps.           


Novair Medical vacuum systems components

  • 1 to 8 sources of vacuum rotative lubricated pumps. 100%  charge rate with a closed loop force lubrication.
  • 1 large cooling radiator, with a direct driven IP 55 motor and an elastic, anti return lid, high efficiency aerosol separator filter 
  • 1 tank equipped with all control and safety accessories
  • 1 CPU to ensure the control and monitoring of your station; equipped with an alarm system directly connected to your internal network; 
  • 1 bacteriological filtration device available in single or double version, for a separated wall mounting, or directly mounted onto the tank or the vacuum station frame. Also equipped with a high efficiency anti-bacteria filteras well as valves  for the isolation (by-pass) during maintenance.
  • Each filtration line includes a purge pot to store residues and condenstaion
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