Novair Medical air systems with pistons compressors

Novair pistons medical air systems are marked CE - Medical device, class IIA. They are compliant with standards NF EN ISO 7396-1 and HTM 02-01, as well as with the specifications of European pharmacopeia related to the quality of medical air and permissible impurities.

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Air station                                       Novair medical vacuum stations
In horizontal configuration, the compressors are mounted on the tank. 
In vertical configuration, they are mounted on a monobloc metallic frame  

Composition of NOVAIR pistons medical air systems

Production : the compressors

Compresseur 2 pistons



Our pistons medical air systems are available in simple, double and triple versions. Each compressor comes with 2 lubricated or oil free pistons, v shape mounted.

Power : 0.75 to 7.5 kW
Flow : 4 à 56 m3/h
Pressure : 4 to 15 bar

Storage : the tank

réservoir d'air comprimé horizontale 2 pistons


Novair pistons medical air systems are composed of an horizontal or vertical compressed air tank horizontal or vertical, depending on the station configuration. In addition, a galvanized medical air tank called "homogenizer" can complete the station. 

The tanks come with a pressure gauge, a calibrated safety valve, an epuration device and stop valves. 

Monitoring : the CPU box



The CPU box developed by NOVAIR ensures the monitoring and control of the medical air station operation, as well as the management and reporting of default alarms. 

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Purification : medical air treatment system 


This is a major component of a medical air system : it provides the necessary treatment to the compressed air to make it suitable for the needs of healthcare facilities, in accordance with the requirements of European pharmacopeia monography.

NOVAIR designs and manufactures several kinds of air treatment systems : simple, double, adsorption air dryer, refrigeration air dryer. 

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Our technical department is available to help you identify the configuration and type of medical air unit that will best suit your healthcare facilities needs. 

 We also design custom made units to respond to our clients specific needs.

Our range - extract 


Power [kW]
per compressor
Flow [m3/h]
per compressor
PL 240
0.75 4
PL 300
1.5 9
PL 580
3 17
PL 640
4 28
PS 360
1.5 10
PS 380
1.5 11
PS 450
1.5 13
PS 490
2.2 16
PS 520
2.2 18
PS 550
2.2 25
PS 560
3 27
PS 640
4 30
PS 700
5.5 36
PS 840
5.5 42
PS 1200
7.5 56

(*) Flow for a 7 bar pressure
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