Novair Medical Refrigeration air treatment system

The air treatment system is a major component of a medical air station : it provides the necessary drying and compressed air purification in order to supply breathable air : clean, dry; oil and carbon monoxyde free. 

Novair Medical refrigeration air treatment system : cost effective system delivering clean and dry air

NOVAIR refrigeration air treatment systems come with a frigorific dryer and a refrigerating liquid type Freon which permits to reach a +3°C dew point under pressure . 

Standard equipment

  • 1  or 2 refrigeration air dryer(s), each coming with a digital dew point control panel
  • Submicronic oil separator
  • Dust filter
  • Activated carbon filter
  • CO/CO2 catalyzer filter
  • Antibacterium filter
  • Automatic epuration device on admission filter
refrigeration air dryer

Available as an option
 :  Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide (CO/CO2) analyzers

Our refrigeration air treatment systems are available in single (S-ATS F) or double  (D-ATS F) versions. On the double version, both air treatment systems are mounted on a single metallic frame for an easier installation on site. 

Our technical department is available to help you identify the medical air treatment system best adapted to your needs.

Extract of our range


Débit d'air traité [m3/h]*
x-ATS F 8
x-ATS F 12
x-ATS F 14
x-ATS F 15
x-ATS F 25
x-ATS F 27
x-ATS F 31
x-ATS F 37
x-ATS F 56
x-ATS F60
x-ATS F 89


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