Novair Medical Oxygen concentrators : a complete range and unique performances

Oxyplus Technologies : a dedicated subsidiary to medical oxygen

  For over 15 years, NOVAIR and its subsidiary Oxyplus Technologies market on-site medical oxygen production systems  designed and manufactured in France for healthcare facilities located all over the world.  

Oxyplus Technologies oxygen generators design is unique. That is why we can offer oxygen purity warranties that outreach all other oxygen generator devices on market.  Also, only Oxyplus Technologies can offer an oxygen generator producing 99,5% pure medical oxygen.

Quality & Safety

Oxyplus Technologies are marked CE Medical Device class IIb, and are compliant with all current standards and regulations regarding medical oxygen : ISO 10083, EN ISO 7393-1, HTM 02-01, Monography Oxygen 93% of European Pharmacopeia, USP 93. More about our quality standards    

Oxyplus Technologies range

  • Premium Plus line : the Next Generation PSA oxygen generator, featuring the DS-PSA and OCS (Oxygen Concentration Stabilizer) technologies. Premium Plus delivers the highest oxygen concentration on market, with an exceptional stability  : 96  to 99,5% +/-0.2%
  • Premium HF line : designed to provide oxygen to ITU and OT healthcare facilities, it includes cutting edge control, analyze and communication features, with an oxygen concentration of 95% +/- 1%
  • Orlane line : optimised for healthcare facility performing oxygenotherapy, with an oxygen concentration of  93% +/- 1%
  • ModulO2 line : a mobile and compact oxygen concentrator, for 10 to 20 l/min oxygen flows under 3,5 bar
  • Oxygen bottles filling system : for oxygen bottles high pressure conditioning, to be used as reserve or mobile bottles. 

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