CPU Controller : remote control and monitoring of your Novair medical air systems

Automatic monitoring device developed by NOVAIR Medical 

The CPU Controller comes wth all NOVAIR medical multiple air systems. It ensures the monitoring & control (on-site and off-site) of the double and triple compressed air units. 


  • A powered electromagnetic box, with a stand-by pressure controller and a pressure sensor
  • A programmable automatic device
  • A digital display unit with control lights and and control knobs

CPU Monitoring Novair


Main features

  • Operating time meter display for each compressor 
  • Tank pressure display, and upon request, primary network pressure display
  • 3 permutation modes available : cyclic/ by the hour/ manual
  • Compressors status display 
  • Remaining time before maintenance display for each compressor 
  • Regulation parameters setting (high/low thresholds, stop-gap threshold, reserve delay)
  • Defaults management
  • Alarm reporting with dry contact


The CPU can be completed with a MODBUS communication module.



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